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Febbraio Avviso Urgente : Junkers parachute

Diario di bordo > 2009
recommendation is N 2/2009
Dear customer,
We received a recommendation of BFU from the Italian dealer of the Junkers parachute
and we are sharing it with you because it's very important for the safety of the rescue system.
The recommendation is N 2/2009 and it's the result of the investigation of a parachute failure.
The recommendation is valid for all series Junkers-magnum.
During the activation of the rescue system on an ultra light airplane produced in Germany,
something didn't function, causing an uncorrected opening of the parachute.
The investigators, found the tube of the rocket detached from the plate and they discovered that
some cracks in the weldings that fix the support plate with the tube was present before the
activation of the system, so they suppose that the cause of the uncorrected opening of the
parachute could be the cracks in the weldings of the plate.
BFU recommend a control of these weldings.
Contact the Junkers dealer of your country to make this inspection and to be sure that the system
is still serviceable.

Best regards
Salvatore Giunta
Zlin Aviation s.r.o.
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